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My cafe recipe and stories – An Introduction!

My cafe recipe and stories are an exceptional addictive game which has already created plenty of buzz in the gaming world. It is the game to play which you want to play in your free and get relax. In this addictive restaurant simulation game, you will help out your friend Ann to open an awesome looking classy café. You will be serving the guests with some nice delicious drinks and baked food items. Just to play the game properly, you need to apply effective My cafe recipe and stories Tips which you will find here.

The game is all about a coffee shop adventure but has plenty to offer in terms of fun and excitement. Your coffee shop adventure will start when you open a café in small quiet town with your friend Ann. You will try hard to please customers by serving coffee, bakery stuff and a lot more. In the game, you will immerse yourself in the restaurant simulator which is brimming with exciting

Well, we will not waste any moment and introduce My cafe recipe and stories Tips which will surely take your gaming experience to another level.

  1. Serve your customers quickly: Help employees: While playing the game, you need to be on your toes all time. Even when Ann and other employees are busy in serving customers, you need to step up and lend a hand to them. Try to serve the customers yourself by tapping a customer and pressing the button “What would you like to order”.
  2. Upgrade Skills Of your employees – It is one of the most effective My cafe recipe and stories tips. When you cross one level, you need to look at the skills of your staff members and try to upgrade the best of three in order to boost the profit. You need to select your skills wisely and if you are able to upgrade to level 1, the price will be increased close to 6 percent, similarly, level 5 prices can be raised by 20 percent and so on.
  3. Wisely select more servers to speed up staff – I am not sure, how many players out there would have applied this tip. When you get an extra server you will be able to speed up staff and boost your profit. With more servers, even when you are not playing the new server will assist Ann to serve orders to customers. More profit is directly related to the time duration employees take to serve customers. Be quick and earn more money.

Plenty more My cafe recipe and stories Tips are waiting for you to learn the core concepts of this wonderful game. You need to be bit selective when it comes to applying these tips and try to boost your chances of gaining more money. My cafe recipe and stories are definitely the game to enjoy but the application of our tips will definitely boost the excitement level.

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